Buying your first Investment Property

Investing in Property for the very first time?  Congratulations! the mere fact you are reading this means you want a better, more secure and financially successful life for you and your family.

Investing for the first time can be exciting, daunting, challenging and above all outside of our ‘comfort zone’.

Whether or not your parents have done well through property, the younger generations know that their world was quite different to ours.  Jobs were for life. The company or the government took good care of the pensions and there was a level of financial security that just isn’t around anymore.  By the time the younger generations retire, there may be very little money from the Government to support them.  Investing has now become a necessity not a luxury.


Some of the reasons people are attracted to investing in property:

  • Capital Growth
  • Secure Income stream
  • Tax Benefits
  • Great Degree of Control
  • High Demand for residential property
  • Hedge against inflation
  • You Can add Value to the asset
  • Bricks & Mortar is Deemed a safe investment
  • Security “as safe as houses”
  • Leverage

Have your finances reviewed before you do anything!

Finance is the key to securing and leveraging into property.  Your borrowing capacity and deposit are crucial to determining your purchasing power and hence the price point of the investment property you buy.  Your purchasing power will determine what areas you can afford to buy in.

The Property Cycle

The property market moves in cycles. The market rises, remains steady, and declines in different phases of the ‘cycle’. As an investor it’s important to understand the cycle and avoid buying at the peak and selling in the trough.

Property Cycle


If you  would like to know more about property cycles and investing in property including find out your purchasing power, contact us here

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Meet Andrew & Annette

Meet Andrew & Annette

We are a husband and wife team and together launched Altitude Finance in 2003 after working separately and then together in the Mortgage Industry.

The growth of our first property purchase in 2002 led us to see the value in property investing towards a more financially secure future. We continued our own investing while helping others through providing well structured finance solutions for the long-term.

We look at the big picture and pride ourselves on being a truly independent brokerage.

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