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Confidence in Property is i...

Confidence in property and the property clock

Australians’ confidence in property as a great place to invest has reached a three year high! Confidence in property is at all times highs and no-one would have expected Sydney to still be surging with the average price of $1.03 million for private treaty sales, up more than 17% from this time last year according to CoreLogic. […]

Why investing in Queensland...

Why investing in Queensland makes good sense

Incomes don’t tend to vary too wildly over most of the east coast of Australia; but prices of property certainly do. And that makes South East Queensland, with prices of houses and units roughly half of what you’d pay in a city like Sydney, look like a real bargain. In addition, rental yields are much healthier too, […]

The National Property Clock...

The National Property Clock: Houses and Units

  Herron Todd White (one of Australia’s largest Valuers)  have released their February review for the residential property market. Read the full report here:   Residential Property Review_February 2016   National Property Clock – HOUSES   National Property Clock – UNITS    Each Region of Australia has it’s own property clock. This information can be used (in conjunction […]

Negative gearing proposed c...

Negative gearing proposed changes would be a wealth killer for average Australians

The debate over potential changes to negative gearing and the capital gains tax discount has got plenty of Australians concerned – and not just investors, either. The flow-on effects would impact every Australian whether they live in their own home or rent. The notion that negative gearing is some slick tax reduction strategy employed by […]

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Meet Andrew & Annette

Meet Andrew & Annette

We are a husband and wife team and together launched Altitude Finance in 2003 after working separately and then together in the Mortgage Industry.

The growth of our first property purchase in 2002 led us to see the value in property investing towards a more financially secure future. We continued our own investing while helping others through providing well structured finance solutions for the long-term.

We look at the big picture and pride ourselves on being a truly independent brokerage.

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