Confidence in Property is it up or down?

Confidence in property and the property clock

Australians’ confidence in property as a great place to invest has reached a three year high!

Confidence in property is at all times highs and no-one would have expected Sydney to still be surging with the average price of $1.03 million for private treaty sales, up more than 17% from this time last year according to CoreLogic. Will it slow down anytime soon?

The key drivers are:  lack of stock, strong population growth, positive market sentiment, strong interest from overseas buyers, government infrastructure spending and of course record low interest rates.

Melbourne has a similar story, although there is concern of an oversupply in the inner-city apartment market, similar to Brisbane inner city apartments

in case you missed it


If you feel you’ve missed out in these markets, then these are the ones to watch and are expected to be the new Sydney and Melbourne in years to come:



Brisbane – affordable and in the right stage of the property clock (houses). More interstate buyers are taking their equity and investing in QLD. Strong population growth is expected in the decades to come

Perth – still in a bit of a lul as a knock on from the resources slow down, approaching bottom of market… one to watch.  Also expecting long term population growth and infrastructure drivers

The property clock is a guide, a snapshot in time. Remember, there are markets within markets


Confidence in property - property clock Units



Confidence in property - property clock units

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Most of our clients know, we love property and investing is our forte.

It’s hugely important to understand the cycles that govern the markets where your properties are. Without it, you’re in danger of playing roulette with one of your most important assets.

Confidence in property is great, however if you’re investing for the long term keep the big picture in mind despite the changes in current trends and media hype.

Property is one of the most successful strategies to achieve financial independence, yet the stats show only about 20% of the population do it.

If you have any questions or thoughts around the property clock, the market, and of course finance – give us a hoy!  We’d love to help you along your property investment journey.

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Meet Andrew & Annette

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